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Would you like to talk with Dr Warner?
   From popular issues of adjustment and life challenges, to clinical issues that interfere with life, Dr Warner provides experienced counseling and a positive outlook. Adjustment issues? Do you have uncomfortable feelings? Difficult behavior patterns in your way? Anxiety or Depression… Individual, family, or couples therapy.  For many clinical problems, this therapy may be covered by your insurance carrier    

For traditional psychotherapy with an experienced clinician, plus additional creative topics for application of psychological principles for full living.

Dr Warner has three decades of experience in rural family practice helping individuals
and families in traditional approaches.  Dr Warner has developed a
number of professional interests that enrich her practice and
have gained her international recognition.  Some of these additional aspects
of service are listed here.  All work with Dr Warner is responsive to your
own needs and adaptable to your own circumstances as you communicate
your perspectives to her in the context of your care.

In addition to Dr Warner's well known traditional psychotherapy,
here are some new aspects to care:

   Do you have special physical needs?  Disability?  Pain? 
     See the new Mind-Body Connection psychotherapy.
   Or, perhaps you or your loved one may be in residential care?
     Dr Warner now provides Elder and nursing home services.

On-site evaluation and interventions for elderly who are in residential settings or nursing homes - help adjusting to changes and making the most of the quality of life in later years.  Help with adjustment and pain issues for the disabled.

For those with chronic pain, medical conditions, disabilities, or just out of shape, help get over barriers to exercise and handle stress better. This therapy may be covered by insurance including Medicare

Looking for more dimensions to your psychotherapy or consultation work?

Using your own faith system can bring greater impact for your life-changing work.  As a Christian, Dr Warner respects your own belief system, with experience in Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist traditions in therapy.

Are your contemplating a big change?  A business, a relationship?  Wanting to get perspective on your risks, possibilities and benefits?

And -
Here are some active project-oriented ways to improve your home and family life!

As seen on TV! Consider some help in dealing with the stress of home renovating and get the job and your homelife done right!  Dr Debi is a world expert in helping families find True Home Improvement!

Family changes can be positively handled with experienced help.  Activities can be coordinated with your resort plans, with packages priced as designed for your needs.  Have fun and move more smoothly through changes!

Professional Training and Consultations are available

Your organization can increase skills and adaptability with Dr Warner's experienced advice, training, and interventions for industry, healthcare, public and non-profit organizations

Dr Warner is a highly rated and experienced training instructor for professionals in healthcare, industry and personal growth. Let her entertaining and informative style enliven your next round of annual workshops



Many medical and psychological conditions may be eligible for insurance coverage for your services that address these problems.  Dr Warner will submit needed forms on your behalf.

Contact here...
Send Dr Warner a question or inquiry about services available to help you
Dr Debi Warner  603-444-1512
Base office: 262 Cottage Street, Suite 250
Littleton, NH  03561

Clinical practice locations NH, NY, and via phone.
Workshops and Consultations available world wide.

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